Why is Silver Jewellery Worn More Than Gold Jewellery?

There are two types of precious metal that are most well-known and also most worn: Gold and Silver. These two commodities are one of the most highly sought after and also one of the most expensive commodities. They are good investments and also very durable.

Since these two commodities have such value, then why is it that Silver, is worn more than Gold is? Why Gold is nowadays mostly kept as an investment or for the wearing of special occasions and Silver is being used as something worn daily. Silver is fast becoming one of the most used precious metal in the world. It is most often used as Jewellery.

Everywhere you look, you will see almost everyone in possession of at least one silver piece. This jewellery is kept very carefully and bought very happily. Women especially are very happy to part ways with their money when faced with the various possibilities of Silver Jewellery as can be seen in the lists of Jewellery by Muru. These silvers are well worth their price.

Why is Silver Jewellery So Common?

Silver, for all intents and purposes a very important precious metal is not as precious as gold. Gold has more monetary value than Silver does and so people have more to lose when faced with the loss of Gold Jewellery in comparison to Silver Jewellery. That is not to say that Silver is less beautiful than Gold, it just has less monetary value and so people feel safer wearing it.

Another aspect of Gold jewellery which makes people wear Silver more is its weight.  Gold jewellery is heavier than Silver is. You can actually feel a certain amount of weight on your ears, neck and hands while wearing Gold but Silver although equally heavy in some cases is a little less ostentatious.