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The new paintings are drawing me into a greater reverence to the whole creative process as I work on them. I began to find a deeper reverence as I worked on the new art, I could sense that there was much more involved than just creating a new piece of work, I was building an energetic portal. Each day I lit candles and burnt incense and as I finished each day I placed  various sacred objects upon the unfinished image as there was a real sense of something coming to life.

II was recently impressed to use water from local holy wells and streams and the current painting Bathing in the Fire is infused with the water from the Bride River. Little Bredy lies in the shadow of an ancient earthwork in Dorset, thought to be an Iron Age fort, nearby is the source of the River Bride, and just below the Valley of Stones. ‘Bredy’ and ‘Bride’ are derived from the Celtic word for ‘surging stream’.The manor of ‘Litelbridia’, as it was recorded in the 1086 Domesday Book, was for many centuries in the possession of Cerne Abbey.

Brigid or Bride as earth goddess were probably associated with Long Bredy and Little Bredy, the villages nestle in the Bride Valley where the River Bride emerges and flows to the Jurassic coast.

One of the forms the goddess took was that of the swan in her role as Goddess of childbirth. In Britain, the cult of the swan is likely to have come under the protection of Bride, whose feast day, 1st February, marked the northern departure of the migrating swans. The Milky Way was believed to be the  celestial realm where the swan flies. Just along the coast from where the River Bride meets the sea is a Swannery at Abbotsbury near the ruins of a large monastery with strong connections to Glastonbury.

The Chalice Well in Glastonbury is another source of water that I collect and use in the work. Sitting at the foot of the Tor, this quite garden has been a constant place of pilgrimage and refuge at important moments in my life. Its where my spirituality grew from. Its a strange experience going back sometimes and almost get the sense of bumping into the young Courtney sipping the water from what almost feels the same glass at the wellhead.
         I hope you enjoy the paintings on show and that they inspire and lift your Spirit.
                                                                     Namaste Courtney