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In February 2011 I experienced a series of energetic shifts that began to totally change my perception of how I saw the world. With my connection with the Merlin Energy over the years I had become used to being overshadowed by the Mage as I worked, this new experience was very different. As the year progressed I tried vainly to paint what I felt but because my perception was changing almost on a daily basis it was an impossible task and for the first time since 1984 the imagery didn't come to me. I had also moved from working with gouache and with the help of a friend began experimenting with acrylics and though I was painting the imagery never seemed to come together and evoke the spirit that was moving within me.

There was a lot to learn about working with the acrylics and enjoyed the time to play with the blending of colours and creating interesting backgrounds. The experimentation could have become painful and frustrating as the handling of the medium didn't match my creative passion, thankfully though the  process has been one of very liberating experience. Its become a very  therapeutic experience with a strong sense of shedding layers fear and frustration. The past nearly 40 years of the intricacy of my gouache work had been one tight detail and high finish. I seem to be going through a period now of rekindling the joy in my art that may not have been there over the last few years. Fun to explore, not worrying if it works or not, putting a picture aside if it's not working and maybe pick it up another time. The opposite of all the practises I have worked under since picking up my brushes.

In 2012 I moved back to Dorset after being away for a year and within weeks the paintings took on a new  life and I ran a series of workshops talking about my work that were very successful and I began to recognise the potential of the new works energetically on those who came to the LIFESOURCE  events. Transition is the result of those evenings and the effect the paintings had on the people who came.                            NEXT PAGE

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