Things to Consider Before Getting a Vinyl Banner

Vinyl banners are a source of spreading information quickly and effectively. They are cheap and effective and everyone is using them. However, there are certain things that you need to take into consideration before you order a vinyl banner.

If you are worried about the durability of your vinyl banner then you should know that vinyl banners are quite durable. Their brilliance can be maintained while withstanding elements for quite a long time. On top of that vinyl banners are quite flexible as well and can be used anywhere. You can order banners on the cheap here: Now let’s have a look at some of the important factors that need to be considered before investing in a vinyl banner.


It is very important that you take accurate measurements of the banner, make an estimation of whether you are going to need ropes to put up your banner or pockets that can slip through poles. Think of the stretch your banner is going to be receiving.


The design is an important factor that needs to be considered. The most important thing about design is resolution and color.


Resolution or dots per inch of the design is very important depending on the size of your banner. Small sized banners may not face this type of problem, however, with large banners, you have to be careful. For texts 150 dpi is enough while for images and logos, there needs to be at least 300 dpi.


In case of color, you need to be select it very carefully as when you design your banner your file is showing you RGB, whereas when your files are to be printed they are converted to CMYK. So make sure you design your files using CMYK to avoid any color variation.

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