The Truth About Dog Nutrition

The fact of the matter is that there is a lot of misinformation there about dogs and the food that they should be eating. Most people that get dogs think that they can feed their animal meat and nothing else and that this would be more than enough to allow them to survive. Other people think that basic cans of dog food will be a good alternative to fresh meat, and that this will provide them with all the adequate nutrients for a healthy body to maintain itself in the long run.

Both these schools of thought are inherently wrong, although the logic behind them is more or less sound. Dogs are carnivores, which means they eat meat. However, just because they are carnivores does not mean that they only need protein. Dogs need numerous other vitamins for their general health as well, nutrients that are far less likely to be found in meat as well as dog foods. Vitamin C, B and E are particular essential for a dog’s health, and they are mostly found in fruits and vegetables.

It’s safe to say that your dog is probably not going to like eating fruits and vegetables all that much. This is why you should get pills and other such remedies that would have this kind of chemical composition to them. Remember, your dog is dependent on you. Dogs can’t speak, and they trust you completely. If you feed it something, it will eat it thinking that this is the best thing for it at that point in time. If whatever it is eating ends up having an adverse effect on its health, it will not be able to voice its concerns to you because it simply won’t know how. You should be responsible on your own.

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