How to Shoot Two Content Birds With One Stone

Making content on the internet can be very stressful indeed because of the fact that you will have to cover all of your bases and do so in a manner that would be sustainable in the future without forcing you to worry about how you are going to manage the revenue streams that you are trying to generate. Since there is so much that you need to create on a regular basis in order to remain relevant to your viewers and watchers, it would be a good idea to try to get as much content out of a single workday as possible.

One good idea would be to take a page out of and use a tip that they have mentioned which involves shooting video content and creating a podcast at the same time. Basically what you can do is that you can have both an audio recording as well as a video recording setup that you can use simultaneously. You can shoot a video of the podcast and upload the unedited version in audio podcast form, and you can use the video in a completely different way that would be surprisingly effective if you think about the message it will bring out to your subscribers.

The video can be edited down into bite sized chunks of content that you can upload to your YouTube channel or other content propagation platform, whichever one you happen to be using, thereby allowing you to get a lot of work done while ostensibly focusing on a single task. There is a lot of aftercare involved in techniques like this, but as long as you have your act together and have hired quality editors it shouldn’t be too big of a problem for you to handle.

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