For The Creative Bookworm

To most people, books are a valuable source of information, to others it may be a way to past time but to you, books are a passion. As an avid reader, you cannot get enough of books. You’d rather spend money on a hardcover edition of your favorite books rather than trying to find them for free online and reading them on your phone. After all, digital book readers don’t know what they’re missing out on each time they sit down with a book to read in their hands, right?

If you love and respect books this much but you don’t have appropriate bookmarks for them, then this is pretty much your call from Charles Raven to invest in a few real bookmarks. Some of us bookworms get really creative with how we mark what page we were on in the books we read; some of us even use socks. There’s nothing wrong with finding a creative way to mark your books but if you really respect your books that much, why not find a dignified way to mark your pages instead?

If you’ve only ever seen really lame and boring bookmarks at all of the book stores you’ve been to, then maybe it’s high time you get a few custom made for yourself? You can find a lot of design templates at American Students, in case you have trouble choosing. There are different categories for you to choose from and even the most basic designs will still beat that raggedy old piece of cloth that you’ve been using to mark your books.

You can get book marks with your name on them. If you know how to make graphic art works, then maybe you could even get a few of your own designs printed.

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