Easy Practices to Observe on First Encounter

It only takes a couple of first seconds for someone to completely evaluate you and make an impression about you be it on your appearance, body language or the way you talk.

Your impression varies with every new encounter and you are judged differently every time. A first impression sets a great mark in front of someone and it takes a really long time to change or reverse it.

So, don’t miss out the first chance of impressing someone with these golden tips on how to make the best first impression that will last a lifetime.

Be Punctual

Trust me, nobody likes to wait and if you keep someone waiting they probably won’t like you. Even a solid excuse might not work for the first time.

So make sure you are there a couple of minutes prior to the selected time because being early is better than losing a great chance of making a statement in your first impression.

Give Importance to The Appearance

Choosing the right outfit according to the place or even you are going is very important. You would not want to go to beach shorts for a business meeting obviously.

People adore a person with good fragrance and a tidy appearance. So, dress accordingly and take good care of self-hygiene.

Take Body Language Into The Account

Let your body speak. Your body language leaves a remarkable impression more than your conversation that includes your eye contact, positive nods, and active interest.

Make your posture straight and give a positive affirmation to your acquaintance through nods or verbally. This makes the other person think that you are keenly interested in whatever they are saying and hence makes a score!

There are many other things to consider when making a new encounter and they vary according to the place but these 3 tips mentioned above remain the same whether you go to a party or a business meeting. So, Good luck with these and thanks us later!

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