Do I Need to Replace The Refrigerant Installed in My Residential Property?

Refrigerant gas is a chemical used in almost all the HVAC systems in residential and commercial properties. These coolant gases were initially designed to be installed in cooling units of the Industrial sector but later on new inventions were made that were targeted for household purposes. Many of such chemical combinations posed unwanted environmental concerns that led to the bans of various products. Luckily various scientists have developed alternative refrigerants that are not only highly energy-efficient but they also emit less amount of carbon emissions into the air. Refrigerant are based on the thermodynamics that transforms it from gaseous state into liquid state and vice versa. This way the transformation cycle continues to go on and the designated area remains cool according to the desired temperature. Refrigerants have the ability of absorbing heat energy when they are in their liquefied state, and in a typical air-conditioning unit electricity forces it to transform its shape that gives off heat energy in a specific amount.

Due to the non-explosive and non-toxic nature of di-chlorofluoromethane, it was highly prevalent in households and corporate buildings a few decades ago. However, after some years the scientists found out that it can have detrimental effect on ozone layer protecting the earth, so it’s installment in HVAC systems became illegal in various areas. After the Montreal Protocol came into existence most nations agreed to stop using ozone-depleting substances such as R-22 refrigerants. Bluon TDX 20 Is believed to be the best possible solution at the moment as it absorbs heat energy at a low pressure, thus causing less stress on the cooling units. You might incur high repair and installment costs to upgrade your R22 -filled refrigerant units. To save money and utilize resources in an effective manner you should select alternative refrigerant options.

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