Clean Carpets And Your Health

Did you know that carpeted floors actually help keep the air in your room cleaner? You see, when air enters your home through your doors and windows, it carries dust along with it. Since dust particles also carry their own weight, they can only remain airborne for so long. Once the air is in your room, it will circulate and deposit the dust on any surface that’s present. This can mean your furniture as well as your floors.

If you have wooden or tiled floors, then the dust will simply sit on them and get picked right back up with the air when you turn on a fan or such. However, if your floors are carpeted, then this dirty will get stuck on the fibers of the carpet and can be cleaned up via vacuum cleaner later on. This way, the air in your room is kept cleaner thanks to your carpets. Now, if you take your carpets for granted and stop cleaning them as frequently, they can cause a whole host of health problems as well.

Unlike wooden and marble tiled floors, carpeted floors don’t look visibly dirty. This means that it’s easy to overlook the cleaning that your carpets require. It’s important to vacuum clean your carpets once or twice a week with a vacuum cleaner that has a rotating brush head specifically made to pick up dirt and hair from carpets. On top of that, you should call carpet cleaning Fulham to have your carpet washed by professionals at least once a year.

Be sure to schedule the professional carpet cleaning in a dry season so that your carpets become fully dry as soon as possible. This way, your carpets will remain clean and healthy for a long, long time.

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