Body Art Gallery

Over the years I have created countless tattoo designs and I am always aware that the image needs to be special to that person. We get their by working and re-working a series of pencil roughs from the customer’s ideas until we achieve a piece that works.

Sometimes it takes longer than others as people’s ideas don’t always work when they see them down on paper, so adjustments have to be made to their original vision.

I am happy to discuss adding to a design you have already.

I am always conscious that someone as come to me rather than go elsewhere and I try to make it a pleasurable experience as for many it’s the first time they will have commissioned artwork.

Whether it’s a small band of full body tattoo, I am always happy to give a quote.

Small pieces work from around $300-$500 and full back can reach $1800 –$2000.

For this you get a series of pencil roughs emailed to you, I am always happy to go off in a different direction if the image isn’t hitting the spot. When you are happy with the image I will create a finished piece of pen and ink artwork that you can frame.

I ask for a 50% up front payment that can be paid via PayPal and the final payment on completion of the design. This price includes postage.

Don’t forget to send me a photo of you body art so I can add it to the gallery. Its also useful to include the tattooists details as well.

Namaste Courtney