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From humanities earliest beginnings it has sought to express its beliefs through art, whether it was a simple circle to symbolise the passage of the sun across the sky each day which gave them warmth and light.  Adherence to the cyclic changes of the moon and the turn of the seasons were important to staying alive, honouring the spirit of hunted prey were also felt as a necessary to express in artistic form.

Art that draws on the seen and unseen world we live in and both are just as important as each other. Myths and legends that have passed down through time hold kernels of knowledge and within there are stories that are just as useful to us today as when they were first told.

The interconnection of the natural world is a good example with the Goddess/Earth Mother giving

succour to new life with water being her life blood. The Green Man who is the protector of the animals and in his Celtic form Cernunnos guards the doorway between this world and the Otherworld.

These are energies have a powerful potency established over thousands of years of dedicated worship. In our modern material world we have lost that important link with nature believing we can take the power pocket option download for windows 10 from nature and take control ourselves. Myth and legend are who we are, the seen and unseen worlds are who we are and we disregard their presence at our peril.

The gods and goddesses, the spirals and other forms in these paintings awakens our awareness to them, they are not to be feared but embraced and will draw us back in step with the natural world and the acceptance that we need to be in harmony.

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A lot of my early art was pocket option commissioned by New World Cassettes around 1980  in the early days of New Age and later Dawn Awakening another music company. From the first Merlin book in 1984 I began to get my first book commissions and from there a series of licensed products began..