Step Into The Art of Courtney Davis

TARA (2014)

“For everyone involved in the current renaissance of Celtic art, Courtney Davis is our inspirational grandfather. With his ubiquitous fine art designs reproduced on all manner of New Age kitsch, his career has served to awaken an entire generation to the glories of Celtic art. His prodigious output of 50 books has made him a legend in his time. Because he has licensed his work to so many, his work has become the equivalent of traditional folk songs, familiar and with a timeless quality.”

Do I Need to Replace The Refrigerant Installed in My Residential Property?

Refrigerant gas is a chemical used in almost all the HVAC systems in residential and commercial properties. These coolant gases were initially designed to be installed in cooling units of the Industrial sector but later on new inventions were made that were targeted for household purposes. Many of such chemical combinations posed unwanted environmental concerns that led to the bans of various products. Luckily various scientists have developed alternative refrigerants that are not only highly energy-efficient but they also emit less amount of carbon emissions into the air. Refrigerant are based on the thermodynamics that transforms it from gaseous state into liquid state and vice versa. This way the transformation cycle continues to go on and the designated area remains cool according to the desired temperature. Refrigerants have the ability of absorbing heat energy when they are in their liquefied state, and in a typical air-conditioning unit electricity forces it to transform its shape that gives off heat energy in a specific amount.

Due to the non-explosive and non-toxic nature of di-chlorofluoromethane, it was highly prevalent in households and corporate buildings a few decades ago. However, after some years the scientists found out that it can have detrimental effect on ozone layer protecting the earth, so it’s installment in HVAC systems became illegal in various areas. After the Montreal Protocol came into existence most nations agreed to stop using ozone-depleting substances such as R-22 refrigerants. Bluon TDX 20 Is believed to be the best possible solution at the moment as it absorbs heat energy at a low pressure, thus causing less stress on the cooling units. You might incur high repair and installment costs to upgrade your R22 -filled refrigerant units. To save money and utilize resources in an effective manner you should select alternative refrigerant options.

How Marketing is Important in The Medical Industry

The thing is that for a lot of people, marketing and medical industry are two things that do not go hand in hand with each other. A lot of people are of the opinion that it makes no sense to have marketing in the medical industry, however, at the same time, many people actually deny that altogether.

In a situation like that, it is best that we actually know the importance of marketing in the medical industry.  You can head over to Cascade Business News and get all the information about the business, as well as marketing.

That is why in this article, we are going to be discussing some of the reasons why marketing is important in the healthcare industry.

Gaining Patients is Important

Health care is getting more and more expensive than it used to be. This means that people are staying as far away from it as possible. This is certainly not good for the industry as a whole, and the patients as well. With the right marketing, gaining patients is a lot easier than it used to be, and it allows the customers to seek health care as long as it comes to their knowledge.

It Helps Understand Target Market

Another reason why marketing in the medical industry is so important is that it actually helps the companies understand their target market. This can be a problem if not worked on, but with having proper knowledge about your target market. This is great for companies who are still new in the market and are trying to make a name for themselves.

In conclusion, one can say that marketing is definitely growing, and is becoming an important part of nearly every business that you could think of.

Dance Music

Daily life activities are routine parts of everyone and can take up the better part of your day. Work, school or other responsibilities usually leave you without a lot of time to do other things. And one thing that is often overlooked in order to do many other things with the spare time you do get, is your physical and mental well-being. There are probably a ton of people who come home from a long day of work and just want to relax, but if they haven’t been sitting in the right posture then they are going to face discomfort even after the day is over.

Don’t let this kind of thing happen to you. Chronic pain is difficult to deal with and frustrating to have. If you’ve already found yourself in less than desirable circumstances due to these kinds of matters, check out some massage chairs reviews and find yourself something nice to enjoy at home. It’s likely going to be very difficult for you to get around when you have a busy time and when you finally do get to go home, you end up being very sore and just wishing you could have someone give you a bit of a massage just to ease things down.

Someone like that isn’t always available however but a massage chair is going to be there in any case. Massages are like therapy for your body. Just like when we start to get stressed out, tense or anxious and seek out therapy to calm our minds and thoughts, our bodies need a very similar thing in the form of a stimulus for it and that is what a good massage can do for you. All you need to do is find the kind of way you want to get it done.

How to Take Proper Care of Your Eyes

No matter what you believe in, there is no way to deny that our eyes and vision are a great gift, and without the ability to see this world, life would be meaningless to a large extent. This only means that we need to take good care of our eyes so that our vision can remain as good as possible even at an older age.

Taking care of your eyes is not that difficult. You can check so many good articles on Nurse Buff if you are looking forward to. The process is rather simple and you just have to follow a few precautionary measures that will help you greatly.

With that said, there are some ways that you can take care of your eyes, and we are going to discuss them below.

Have a Good Diet

I know this might not sound like something that is linked to good vision but having a good diet and eating green leafy vegetables is a great contributing factor to having a good vision. Additionally, fish is great for eyesight too; especially tuna, salmon, and other fish with oily acids in them.

Last but not least, eggs, nuts, as well as beans,  are really good because they provide the necessary protein.

Stop Smoking

The thing with smoking and eyesight is that through smoking, you develop a higher chance of getting a cataract, which is damage to your optic nerves, as well as muscular degeneration. So, in order to make sure that it does not happen to you, the best thing that you could do is stop smoking, because that will benefit you in more ways than just one, and you would be able to hold onto your eyesight for a lot longer.

When Water Betrays You

Not a lot of people even realize that they need water damage restoration in their homes before it’s too late and the damage has spread. You can’t blame homeowners for this too much since water damage only becomes apparent once the situation gets too bad. However, if one is mindful of their home, then they can pick up on quite a number of things that can cause water damage and prevent it from ever getting to a point where they need home restoration. The ideal situation is one where you realize that you have a water problem at home and call for water removal before you even need to dial Houston water damage.

Water damage is a very gradual thing but it can happen to any home with a water supply. If you’ve just been made aware of water damage at home, you might want to get an inspection done. Water is beneficial and there is no home without it but once it seeps into your home’s walls, it can deteriorate the structure a lot. The following are some of the most common causes of water damage in Houston homes. If you feel like you might have a problem with one of these culprits, you can check with Houston water damage.

Flat Roofs

There’s nothing wrong with having a flat roof but a flat roof is more prone to gathering water than a slanting one. A well designed flat roof has some degree of convex to it so water flows off; if yours doesn’t, you may have a problem.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes are the number one culprits of water damage all over the world. Most of our pipes are underground, which leaves them in a position to degrade the structural foundations of our homes if left unchecked.

Cost-Free Easy DIY Furnace Repairs

All year round, we humans use up invented technologies and machines to make the environment suit our needs. In the summers, feel increasingly hot and employ air conditioners, and in the winters when we feel bitterly cold and almost unable to think, we employ the use of a furnace.

The furnace heats up our environment for us and we are able to breathe and roam around without ten layers of sweaters. Due to its constant need and in turn, its constant use, the performance of the furnace can reduce drastically to the point of us finding ourselves shivering despite the furnace working.

At this point, you do not exactly need a new furnace, but rather just a bit repairing. Before you run towards your phone to dial up a reliable electrician, you must first listen and employ some basic tips which can fix your furnace without the need of an electrician. However, if these tips do not work and if there is a bigger issue with the furnace, then yes, it would be best to contact a professional Los Angeles electrician.

DIY Tips That Can Help Restore Your Furnace

Listed below are two of the most famous DIY tips that can have your furnace performing at its former glory.

Clean Filter The filter is the place from which the furnace sucks in air to heat it up, thus, a lot of dust, hair, and debris collects on it. In the long run, these dust particles make it harder for the furnace to pull in air and its stop functioning at its original mark. To fix it, you must clean out the filter.

Adequate Space Most people place their furnace in the basement which is usually packed with a lot of storage items. This hinders efficient performance as the furnace requires three to five feet of clear space to function.

Tips on Drawing Celtic Knots

Celtic Knots can be very beautiful if done right, and can be enormously helpful at improving your overall calligraphy skills. However, drawing a good Celtic knot is not an easy task, especially if you are not already familiar with Celtic artistic traditions. The process is something that can be learned, though, and with practice you might just be able to become a master at it which is something that will definitely help you improve your overall artistic talents in a manner that would be both sustainable and beneficial to your overall skills as an artist.

To start off with, you are going to need the right materials. This means a pencil (preferably something not too sharp and not too blunt so that you have some control over what you are attempting to create), as well as a white sheet of paper and an eraser in case you make any mistakes that you would want to get rid of so that your finished product ends up looking the best that it can possibly look. You should also keep a ruler handy so that you can make your finished product as precise as possible along with a brush with black ink beside it so that you can fill your Celtic knot up.

When you have all of the requisite materials, you should now try and understand the concept of the Celtic knot. One easy way of understanding what such a knot is all about is by ascertaining the origins of the knot. The knot itself is basically a plait of sorts, so if you want to draw one you are going to have to interlace various lines into a plait like pattern that is going to end up looking reasonably sophisticated once you have the finished product down.

Start off by drawing a square and then create two crossed cords inside this square. A good visual image to model these crossed cords on is the image of your finger crossed over another one of your fingers. Using both of your index fingers for this purpose is a good way of ensuring that you get the right kind of finished product at the end of the day. Bear in mind that your right index finger should be on top of your left index finger if you want the end result to be the best that it can possibly be.

The purpose of this exercise is to figure out the basic premise behind Celtic knots. Once you have this premise down, it is going to be a lot easier for you to ascertain the kind of motions that you are going to have to make in order to get a complicated Celtic knot down onto a piece of paper. One thing that you should realize is that Celtic knots were often created using iron, so they were basically 3D designs. Translating them onto a two dimensional service will be understandably difficult, so don’t beat yourself up if it takes you time to get there.

Celtic Art: An Important Part of Irish And Scottish History

Celtic Art is one of the oldest forms of art that we still have a record off. It offers an intriguing look into the past, specifically into the histories of Ireland and Scotland which are two modern countries that were historically inhabited by the people known as the Celts, and many modern inhabitants of both Ireland and Scotland have descended from those societies as well. Tracing the history of Celtic Art can help us better understand the ebbs and flows of entire civilizations that existed thousands of years before our own.

If we were to talk about the origins of Celtic art forms, these origins can be traced back to about 1000 BCE during the European Iron Age. While art from these geographic locations exists from the earlier Bronze Age as well, the societies that inhabited these locations were different so this art is not counted as Celtic Art. One can also notice key differences between art made by, for example, the Tumulus society of the Bronze Age and art made by the Celtic civilization that arose during the Iron Age.

That being said, while Celtic Art did not exist in the Bronze Age, it was certainly influenced by it. This is because of the fact that trade between the region where the Celts existed and the Bosphorus as well as the Mediterranean saw increased contact during the Bronze Age. This allowed artistic traditions to be swapped to some extent, and the traditions of the societies that existed prior to the Celts in the Upper Danube, which is where they finally settled, also played an important role in influencing the traditions that came to be known as Celtic Art in modern nomenclature.

The very nature of iron had a definite impact on Celtic artistic traditions. Iron was a very different metal from bronze, and it could be shaped in far different ways than its somewhat more brittle predecessor. The geometric shapes that came to be known as iconic aspects of Celtic culture could not have been formed with bronze, but iron allowed such shapes to be made and so a lot of Celtic Art was focused around arm bands and other accessories that were made out of iron. It is important to remember that Celtic Art was a purely aesthetic venture, one that did not add any practicality to the items that were being manufactured. The fact of the matter is that the Celts created this art simply because they liked the way it looked, which just goes to show that humans have historically been the kind of people that favored aesthetics as much as possible.

The first forms of Celtic Art were heavily influenced by the Hallstatt culture in Central Europe, what is now called Austria. This also shows that the advent of this art form was one of the first signs of globalism, as the world had started to become more interconnected in the Iron Age.

All About Celtic Art

One thing that a lot of people don’t know about the Celts is the fact that they had a very strong and proud artistic tradition. You might need see the Celts as an artistic folk because of the fact that they are often typecast as warriors in historical narratives, but the fact of the matter is that there were plenty of Celtic art forms, and their visual art is actually quite distinct and forms an important piece of European history that many people are unaware even exists in the first place.

There are a lot of different elements that end up getting incorporated into Celtic Art, and one of the most iconic elements that Celts used was the widespread presence of geometric shapes. This is a very geometric art form. Christian influences also play a pretty significant role, with a lot of the geometric shapes coming together to form some sort of Christian iconography such as crosses and the like. This makes Celtic art an important part of not just European history but Christian history as well. There are three main patterns and design elements that are used in Celtic art. These are as follows:


These are some of the oldest designs that are used in Celtic art, and the ancient Celts associated a great deal of mysticism and spirituality with them. This shows that spirituality was a part of Celtic art even before Christianity was entrenched into that particular civilization. The spirals themselves are meant to represent a life force of some sort, and there were usually three intertwined spirals that would come together to form what was referred to as a “triskele”. This is a significant shape because of the fact that the number three has remained relevant to Celtic beliefs for quite some time now.


This is a form of Celtic art that has been heavily influenced by Christianity, particularly Christian manuscripts. Basically, this form of art involves a series of lines being wound together to form a knot. The trick is to make sure that the line never breaks or stops and that the end up involved a great deal of geometric patterns and the like. Rounded edges also form a key factor of what makes these knots so special, and it helps explain why the aesthetic charm of this kind of art has endured for so long.

Key Patterns

This pattern involves lines that turn at a 45 degree angle. This creates a very angular kind of design that is actually also found in art that originated in cultures that formed around the Mediterranean Sea. It is highly unlikely that Celtic and Mediterranean cultures interacted enough to share artistic traditions, so these similarities are more likely the result of pure chance and nothing else. This shape is an interestingly minimalist design that is oddly in sync with modern minimalist trends as well which is a big reason why Celtic art is still widely renowned.